Ludwig Vistalite Custom Drum set owned by Aaron Purdie of Al Davis' Band
the only real damage, the start of a crack on the floor tom at the muffle. There are minor scrapes here and there on the other drums.

6" 10" 14" rack toms SN 121xxx

18" floor tom SN121xxx

14" snare, 22" kick SN 121xxx

13" rack tom SN 119xxx

I bought this drum set in the early-mid 90's at a pawn shop in Toldeo, OH. It had been there for a while when i got it.
You can see a few of the original pawn tags on some of the drums. It came pretty much in the condition you see it in now, including the photo. All the serial #'s are matched except one of the rack toms.

I'm very interested in selling this set, and will entertain any reasonable offer.

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